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Sága and Rúna

After their mother tragically died in the fire, Sága and Rúna lost one family and gained another. Gudrød, one of the most powerful kings in Norway and their mother's lover, adopted them and raised them like his own daughters.


One of the fiercest warriors in the gladiator arena, Valeria fights ruthlessly and gracefully. She used to be the captain of Bloodmoon, the pirate ship with a deadly reputation. She and her quartermaster, Valeria, were betrayed by the crew and sold to Alstolfo.


A strikingly beautiful Saracen dancer from Spain, Floripas uses her talent to make people happy. She's passionate, lively and empathetic, a complete opposite of her brother, Fierabras.


Eir is the daughter of Turgeis, influential chieftain of Ireland. Her mother was a local healer and everything that Eir knows she learned from her. Since childhood, Eir helped her mother tend to the ill and injured. During that time, Eir saw so much pain and misery, that she made herself a promise to never abandon people, even if they're beyond any help. Hervor's best friend is her father, who deeply cares about her and supports her. She never leaves his side, even on the battlefield.


Daughter of a warrior and a shieldmaiden, Aslaug, once dreamed about her parents' deaths. They were killed in a battle the next day. Aslaug blamed herself for not doing anything to prevent their deaths and vowed to not let this happen ever again.

  • Sága and Rúna

  • Valeria

  • Floripas

  • Eir

  • Aslaug


There's nothing more terrifying in the North sea than seeing Viking mercenaries under a Black Sheep sail closing in on your fleet. Their leader is a ruthless warrior of royal descent named Rodulf, who is known as "the black sheep of the family".


All Guthrum wants is to have a big happy family and abundant land for them to live on, while never dwelling on his past. Luckily, Guthrum's naval fleet is full of warriors with the same desire.


Ubbe, son of Ragnar and Lagertha, he's often rude and impatient. Among all his brothers he's the one who resembles his father the most. Being the older brother, Ubbe is the most priveleged among the young warriors. He has little sympathy for failures and folk often say it's better not to stand in his way.


Gudrød is a man of simple pleasures: he loves hunting, a good hearty meal, and seeing his daughters safe and happy. After his lover and a future wife Åsa died nothing could console Gudrød, but two cheerful teenage daughters who brought him flowers from the fields in summer and pampered him with delicious meals in winter.


When the king of Götaland's castle was attacked by a giant and the king's heir killed, only the young berserker Beowulf offered his aid. It's said that he bravely defeated the giant alone, with neither weapons nor armour. Some believe this is just a fairytale, with the reality being Beowulf killing the crazy king, but many people believe that Beowulf truly did defeat multiple monsters.

  • Rodulf

  • Guthrum

  • Ubbe

  • Gudrød

  • Beowulf